We Create Email Design Systems.

People say Fathom & Draft are the godfather of email. You know... rumors. What we know is that we spent the last 15 years working on design and email. All so you can have better relationship with your customers.
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4 Reasons Why You Need an Email Design System

You’re redesigning and rebuilding the same things over and over
Bye bye money!
Your emails are inconsistent
A.K.A. your customer is super lost.
It takes weeks or months to go from idea-to-send
It’s 2020... It shouldn’t be that complex.
Every email in your stack requires a full team
Do you really need 5 professionals to send an email?
Does your business have these problems?

What is an Email Design System?

It’s basically a box of email legos box of email legos that comes with clear instructions. They can be assembled together to build an endless number of email templates with reusable sections. Simple as that.

We build design systems as a service.
Design & build once,
re-use it infinite times
Increase speed from
idea to send
Use your team
resources more wisely
Above is recent Email Design System work for the smart people at TrueCar

From Small To Big Businesses.
We Have a Plan For You.

What happens once you have your Email Design System?

We are an ongoing service company. We’ll help you to adapt, grow and flex so you’re not alone with your new power tool.

"Our marketing team here at CallRail was constrained to a rigid template set until Fathom & Draft crafted our new email design system. Now we’re able to be remarkably flexible and agile allowing us to adapt quickly when our business requires it."
Palmer Houchins — VP of Marketing at CallRail
“Email Design Systems are—bang for buck—the best way to level up your marketing team's work, so much so that we built a tool to manage them. Fathom & Draft's design and code as-a-service is what every company needs now.”
Elliot Ross — CEO at Taxi for Email